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Theatrical Muse Topic: What have you forgotten?

Forgotten? What have I forgotten? Not much, or nothing at all, which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.

All the bad memories and the good, I always carry with me. The times when I was beaten and shunned and mocked for my difference, my albinism. My mother’s brutal death, and the first time I took a life – my own father’s. The harshness of the streets, of starvation and friendlessness, and later, prison. My release and my salvation. Finding someone at last who was good and kind to me, and the glorious feeling of repentance, redemption, and my acceptance of faith in the Lord. He had not forsaken me after all!

It is hard to remember the pain of the past, but it is something I know that I must do from time to time. For I must forgive those who wronged me, and be grateful for the life I have now, the second chance I was given thanks to our Heavenly Father and to Manuel Aringarosa.

Words: 169
Muse: Silas
Fandom: The Da Vinci Code
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