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Theatrical Muse Topic: What do you still have from when you were young?

I have nothing in the material sense still with me from my early youth. As a child I had few possessions – almost no toys or books except for the little things that my mother managed to get for me for Christmas and my birthday. And when I was forced to live on the streets after my father murdered my mother and I took his life in wrathful vengeance, I lost even those precious few trinkets. I was barely able to scrape together the necessities to stay alive during those difficult years.

What I carry with me from childhood are mostly memories. These are remembrances of the many sad, frightening and traumatic times mostly. But I do recall the happy times, too. Maman’s smiles, the songs she sang to me, how she always saw me as her beautiful, angelic boy when others mocked me and called me a ghost.

There is much pain in my past, but I am thankful for what joyful moments there were.

Words: 165
Muse: Silas
Fandom: The Da Vinci Code
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