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Theatrical Muse Topic: What do you wish someone would invent?

What do I wish someone would invent? Well, to tell you my honest opinion of the matter, there are really no inventions of a particular kind I that I yearn for. Unless there was a foolproof way for people to find God, but it is really up to every individual to discover faith for him or herself. Our Heavenly Father granted us free will, after all, and gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us and be the Savior of all the world…

Technological wonders, human inventions, can be useful tools if they are used for the service of others, but can encourage laziness if used for the ease of the self. Good, honest toil, difficult physical work, challenges us and strengthens our characters. “Opus Dei” means “God’s Work” after all, so work is something to be valued. The more arduous the work, the stronger the effort and one will achieve better results.

Perhaps doing without technology for a while is a useful method of corporal mortification.

Words: 170
Muse: Silas
Fandom: The Da Vinci Code
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