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Theatrical Muse Topic: Crushed

Crushed tomatoes made a beautiful vivid red in the gleaming stainless steel saucepan; the very sight and scent of them made Silas’s mouth water. Sternly he rebuked himself for his weakness, and instinctively flexed his thigh, having forgotten that he was not wearing his cilice.

I must not think of food greedily, Silas told himself. I must think of it gratefully, as a blessing from the Lord. And it is not merely for my own pleasure that I am preparing this delicious sauce for tonight’s meal. It is to delight the Bishop, for he is someone who deserves good things.

Silas added herbs and other seasonings to the pot of simmering tomatoes, even a dash of fresh chilli and a sprinkle of cracked black pepper. Just enough to bring a hint of spicy goodness to the palate, and not so much as to overly heat the dish.

He tried to suppress the feelings of pride that welled up within him as the sauce bubbled on the stove – he was sure that the Bishop would truly enjoy that night’s dinner. And of course, Silas lived not only to serve God, but his beloved mentor too.

Words: 195
Muse: Silas
Fandom: The Da Vinci Code
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